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 Everything you can possibly need for your Wedding



To crown the dream of love, what is more romantic than a gondola tour in the fascinating canals in Venice and along the Grand Canal?

The gondola will wait for you outside the hotel  and will take you to the ceremony, then a tour in the canals, swayed by the silken sounds of the water, admiring the innumerable, fascinating Mansions.

The gondola is the symbol of Venice, an ageless city, one of the most beautiful and romantic in the world.  A wedding in Venice and a tour in gondola are always the most seductive desire of every couple in love.

There are 3 types of gondola for the ceremony:
        Wedding gondola with gondolier in white livery 
        Luxury Wedding gondola with 2 gondoliers in white and gold livery
        Traditional, classical gondola




FLOWERS are pseudonyms for:


On the most beautiful day of your life they are essential, they crown the dream, your marvelous dream.In ancient times it was thought that flowers could protect against evil spirits for all your life.


Each flower has its own important meaning in love:

Orchid = beauty

Gardenia = joy

Orange Blossom = fertility


Tulip = love and passion

Lily = purity

Orange Rose =fascination

Red Rose = passion

hite Rose  = pure, spiritual love

Yellow Rose  = jealousy and passion

Coral Rose = desire

ose        passion


If you wish to hire your outfit, we can accompany you to the best Venetian atelier.
For the Bride’s wedding dress there are various possibilities with different prices according to model and material
For a ceremonial outfit, the Groom can chose a full morning suit, a half morning suit, an evening suit
Footwear can also be hired.
If you prefer a historic costume of the  Venetian ‘700s, ‘800s, ‘900s we can advise you how to choose one with good taste and style.
You will have to let us have your measurements and we can fix an appointment for you at the Atelier for a fitting
For a small charge the clothes can be delivered  to and collected directly from the hotel.


Your hairstyle and make up are very important on that marvellous day and certainly you want to look beautiful, splendid, luminous, everyone will remember you as wonderful, radiant.
We can help you in this, too.
If you like, we can advise you on the hairstyle and make up which best suit you and we can plan a sitting in advance with the most famous hairdresser in Venice.








Vocalist (you can chose a particular song for  the ceremony).
A musical group with instruments and singer with either classical or modern music
 An instrument and vocalist.

All you need to do is to tell us which type of music or song gives you most pleasure.

MUSIC gives an extra  touch of class so that the ceremony is ROMANTIC.

We can find you a soloist who plays the Ave Maria by Schubert or a Gospel choir for the ceremony in church.

A violinist or accordion-player or a string quartet if it is a civil wedding.
A pianist during the  lunch.
We can organise music suitable for every occasion :

  •     Flautist

  •     Violinist

  •     String Quartet

  •     Gospel choir

  •     Church organist

  •     Accordian player

  •     Soloist



We have professional photographers who can capture the most significant and emotional  moments of your wedding.  The luminosity of your glances can be caught by the camera, sometimes indiscreet, but which will fix forever the most beautiful  images and every emotional moment during the ceremony. Wonderful souvenirs and remembrances, unchangeable by time, marvellous memories of your marriage  Our photographers will follow you in church, in the gondola, at the hotel, at the restaurant, for all the itinerary through the city, in the hidden nooks, in the most suggestive spots in Venice which you have agreed on...





2 hours and 400 pictures 

48 hour delivery

Video Service

Our video cameraman is the leader in Italy for high quality video recordings.
The creative approach to the shooting is candid and allows the natural evolution of your event in front of the camera.
The professional instruments used include Canon Cinema thanks to which it is possible to create a film of cinematographic look, supplying exceptional recordings both visual and sound.



From 2 to 4 hours of video,

edited and delivered in 48 hours.

Carla Carletto